Dividend Investing Strategy for Financial Independence – Sep 2022

Welcome to our Dividend Investing Strategy for Financial Independence. We started the journey to Financial Independence in 2019 and paid off $60,000 in consumer debt.

Since July 2020, we’ve been tracking and sharing our journey to Financial Independence. Let’s take a look and see the results of our dividend investing strategy and the passive income received in September 2022.

Dividend Investing Strategy – Passive Income breakdown

CU.TOCanadian Utilities533.04
REI-UN.TORioCan Real Estate Investment Trust29.42
ITOTiShares Core S&P total US Market288.77

2022 Retire Early Dividend Income Summary

F.I.R.E. We Go! Dividend Income Report

When comparing August 2021 with August 2022, the dividends increased 97%. We keep investing every month. Actually, we recently increased our Spousal RRSP position and bought more 83 shares of ITOT.

Asset Allocation for Financial Independence

Here’s the breakdown for August 2022:

  • Canada: 17,495.25 (93%)
  • Global: 1,327.76 (7%)

2021 and 2022 Dividend Income

Here’s something new to share with you, and our Dividend Income for Retirement since January 2021. The trend now should remain, having our dividend income over $2,000 per month.

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