Top 3 Credit Cards for Financial Independence

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Thanks for visiting our blog. If you are on this page, you watched the YouTube video where we share our Top credit cards for Financial Independence.

The video was recorded on October 10, 2021, and depending on the time you’re visiting this page, the promotion might have changed. Use the contact form above and contact us with your questions or comments.

American Express Business Platinum

Gean uses this card for his business and pays everything you can imagine. Company taxes, gas, office equipment, business dinners, trips, you name it. Apply now!

American Express Cobalt

This is Kristine’s favourite card. She uses it for daily expenses, things like groceries, gas, eating out and at the pharmacy. Apply now!

PC Financial Mastercard

This card is used exclusively for groceries only when Kristine can’t use the American Express Cobalt. For example, Costco does not accept Amex, so we would use the PC Financial Mastercard. Apply now!

Disclaimer: We will receive a referral bonus if you are approved. Please read the terms and conditions and make sure you understand the rules. Always pay your balance in full!

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